Intensely replenish your skin with lipids !

Anti-Age Nutrition Absolute Night Balm

Skin discomfort, sensitivity, lack of elasticity, lines and wrinkles.… your dry or mature skin does not produce enough lipids. It becomes fragile, thinner and ages prematurely.

Discover NUTRI-ELIXIR Absolute Night Balm
Lipid replenishing and skin re-densifying
Provides bounce, comfort and elasticity
Its exclusive formula combines the essential elements to skin vitality and youth:
– A patented pro-lipid booster that works to improve the natural lipid replenishment system of the skin.
– Swiss Linseed oil, rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 to re-moisture the skin with nutri-protective lipids.
– A complex of bioactivated vegetal oils to smooth skin and help reduce the signs of ageing.

How to use

APPLY: At night on clean face and neck.

Its texture

Ultra-fine cocoon-like balm.

Expected results

The skin is lipid replenished, nourished and re-densified. Plumped, it recovers bounce, absolute comfort and elasticity.

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For maximum penetration, you may warm a hazelnut-sized amount of product between your fingertips before applying it on your face. Ideal also for taking care of your decolleté.