Graceful Collection

With GRACEFUL Collection, allow yourself a moment of grace and pure elegance !

661 Cognac
662 Acajou
663 Corallin
664 Pourpre
665 Bourgogne
666 Magenta
Graceful Collection (Card)

Time and fashion have encouraged us more than ever to be ourselves and to cultivate our personality. Under classical yet romantic influences, the trends for Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 invite us to return to basics and to the simple joys of life. To find ourselves in this still hazy future and live serenely and fully rooted in solid foundations: a season of all possibilities, but one that is meant to be reassuring.

The shades and textures of this Autumn/Winter 2020-2021 inspire a world where everything is light and delicate. Grace and elegance are expressed in natural beauty and the charm of simple things.

However, simplicity and sobriety do not exclude accessible pleasures and joys… it's all about having fun and being caring, especially with yourself.

As you make your way through the escapades that the shades of nail polish in the CHARMING COLOR'S collection will inspire you, take the time to let yourself be carried away by the grace of simple pleasures, which MAVALA has transcribed in its GRACEFUL collection of lipsticks. Six classic and elegant shades, resolutely reassuring, which will perfectly match with the nail polishes of the CHARMING COLOR'S collection.


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