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Erases manicure mistakes.

Correcteur for nail polish — Erases manicure mistakes.

Few women have the manual dexterity to execute the same quality of manicure as a professional. So, at home, manicures easily have unsightly traces of polish left around the cuticles.

CORRECTEUR comes as a felt-tip pen filled with extra-mild nail polish remover, formulated without acetone. In one touch, it removes the eventual nail polish smudges on the nail contour or on the finger tips and erases any manicure mistakes. Quick and easy corrections.

How to use

Use the felt-tip of the pen as an eraser. Regularly wipe the felt-tip clean with a tissue paper. When the felt-tip is completely stained by nail polish, replace it with one of the spare tips included in the package.


Use in a well ventilated area and avoid direct inhalation.