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Non-drying, odour-free, formulated without acetone

CRYSTAL NAIL POLISH REMOVER — Non-drying, odour-free, formulated without acetone

has been formulated to meet very specific expectations of some of our consumers. Their wish: a nail, skin and environmentally friendly nail polish remover. So, its very gentle formulation, acetone-free, removes nail polish without drying nails and skin and is suitable for all types of nails, even fragile, delicate or dry.
In addition, it is colourless, ODOURLESS and non flammable. Its raw materials, carefully chosen, are easily biodegradable.
Besides, the finished product is produced under cold conditions, by a process with low energy consumption.
Note: Use in well-ventilated areas.
Avoid direct inhalation.

How to use

Dampen a cotton pad with CRYSTAL NAIL POLISH REMOVER and press firmly on the surface of the nail. Hold in place to enable the remover to penetrate the layers of polish and wipe off in one stroke. A second application may be necessary to remove layers of dark nail polish or many layers of nail polish. Wash hands thoroughly.